Transferral in Progress

Just a quick dip in. I know it’s been forever since I last posted. (Sorry. Life started getting busy! Both kids in school, helping the hubby with his college homework, cleaning house, the usual stuff… Takes up a lot of time!) But life is looking to settle down once more. We’re moving… to Texas. Yup. You heard right. Texas.

The Lone Star State

The Lone Star State

I would’ve blogged sooner, but this last month of preparing, cleaning, packing, etc. has been a real doozy. The final transition is made this weekend. Soon after I will have my own personal office (which means lots of quiet time for writing!! hooray for that!!) and lots of distraction-less time. (Moving to a new place sorta does that.)

Anyway, the blog will be continued soon enough. With lots of new goodies in store!

Have a great Valentine’s Day, y’all! I’m a-gonna be moving that day, but it’s all good here.

2 responses to “Transferral in Progress

    • Well, thank ya! 😀 I’m enjoying it. It’s as much as a welcome back for me as anything. Houston born and (mostly) bred!! I am loving it, however! I missed Texas!!


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