About Me

I’m not much for speaking of myself in the third person – or I am, but only when I’m not supposed to be – so for now I’m going to adopt a more informal tone, if it pleases you.

I was bornDSC_0026 in Houston, Texas. I’ve long since held a deep love of all things obscene, morbid, and disturbing. I can’t really say why, just that if it terrified me, I wanted more of it. My favorite books as a child were “The Cat-Dogs,” an anthology of horror that stuck with me for life, and the classic trilogy by Alvin Schwartz “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.” (That artwork either gave you a lifelong love of horror or damaged your soul, sometimes it was both – thank you Stephen Gammell for gifting me with those nightmarish images that have haunted my mind always.)

But beyond childhood, I have two children that I’ve been working on steadily for years to imbue with their own deep seeded love of horror. (I must say I’ve been successful, to the detriment of their grandparents. Heh.) They keep me pretty busy, but when they’re gone you can hear the sound of my mechanical switch keyboard going away –  clackety clack clack.

Look for my novel “The Monsters Among Us” to be available in Kindle and other e-book formats, and perhaps with a single run special edition print soon.