Been So Long…

Yeah. I know. I’m a horrible blogger. But.. I moved, guys! I’ve been busy!! And my kids’ schedules changed (the big’un goes to school at 7.45 now – what an unearthly hour to make a kid start school, right? I mean, it’s kindergarten!! – and the other doesn’t head that way until 12.30!!) which leaves me 2.5 hours of quiet time sans munchkins under foot, but since the hubby works nights now, that’s the only quiet time we get together daily… So.. yeah.. My schedule’s full til about midnight nowadays. (It is a blessing that the hubby’s job gives him internet access and we get to talk in the evenings. Keeps us connected.)

But… I am here now. And this is better than staring at Facebook wondering if I should bother seeding new crops on Farmville. The way Facebook has taken over my life…

So I’m sitting here right now… honestly, waiting for the clock to go round enough so I can wash the dye out of my hair…  (yeah, I do that sometimes… but only when the hubby’s made a point of saying “Shanna your roots are showing and their 3x lighter than the rest of your hair…” LOL) … thinking of what to blog about..

For me, this is like that meet and greet small talk at a work picnic for the spouse where you don’t know anybody. It’s been a while, I’m out of the habit (shameful!), and now… The weather has certainly been lovely lately here in Texas. It’s quit raining finally. (The first month we were here it seemed to rain every other day!) But now it’s warming up, our air conditioning went kaput, and the only cool air is in my home office. (ha! Encouragement to go write or what?)

Man. Look at all those typos. The atrocious format. Writing is long over due. I’m turning into one of those people who spends too much time writing like they’re in a chat room, or updating a social network status.

Although I do find it highly amusing that even without blogging regularly… at all… for months, I still get 10-20 views per day. That’s pretty sweet, actually. Does that mean I have some sort of audience? At the least, I’ll have to send Google a big thank you for finding ways to place my blog in search listings!

So here I am. For those wondering where I went, life whisked me away for a while. But I’m making my return.

I can’t think of anything funny, witty, or even entertaining to really add.

Tomorrow I’ll try to put something together more legible. How’s that?

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