The Disappearing/Reappearing Veil

If you haven’t noticed yet, the website has changed. Rather radically, I think.

After much thinking, and staring at the index card I’ve taped to the wall with Kill Your Darlings written on it, I have decided that I needed to rid both myself and the web of the infamous intro page. Not that it wasn’t worthwhile, but it did take too much away from the site. Making my blogs–the thing the whole website is about anyway, right?–the front page is much simpler and gets to the heart of the matter.

Things will be much bloodier from now on.

That in mind, I must thank two people for it. First, my stepdad whose website has always been simple, yet entertaining. Visit it at And a fellow scribe, Lincoln Crisler whose recent blog on making the website simple made things, well, simple. Thanks, fellas.

I’m off to get some writing done. Hope everyone enjoys the simplicity that is (I hope)

5 responses to “The Disappearing/Reappearing Veil

  1. Glad I could help. I don’t believe I ever saw the intro but, like Cate, I’m not a fan of extraneous web material. At one time I had an intro page myself; it consisted of a beautifully rendered (by myself, of course) block of quotes from fellow authors and editors praising my work. I still have the quotes, and maybe when I have more I’ll generate a random text widget for my blog that displays them one at a time, but having a separate page for them was frivolous in retrospect.

    I love your site. It’s beautiful and elegant in its simplicity; much moreso than mine. But I have a different type of reputation to protect. If someone calls MY work beautiful and elegant, them’s fightin’ words!


  2. Thanks Cate! And Lincoln, you were really a big help. My site was getting tons of hits, it really was. But no one went past my elegantly written intro page and I finally decided to let it go. It was indeed a waste of the reader’s time.

    Thanks for dropping by, y’all!!


  3. Thanks for the props! I find it deeply disturbing that someone actually finds me inspirational? I would say that my site appeals to the inner geek in people whereas yours tends to illuminate to the “sinister” crowd. hehe, just kidding.

    luv ya child!


  4. Pops, you’re awesome. And of course you inspire me. I wouldn’t know half as much about designing a website if weren’t for you!!

    And while your site does indeed appeal more to the geeky crowd, everyone can benefit from your insights. 😀


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