Hellboy II: The Golden Army

While it’s perhaps a bit early for me to be posting about the film–I won’t be seeing it until 7pm–I just can’t help myself. I love Red. He’s one of my favorite characters in…well…anything.

The Golden Army

Hellboy II: The Golden Army

And there’s something for everyone in the film. Some great fantasy/fictional mythology, great action, and for the fellas–a hot chick.

Everybody, grab your wallets because ticket prices’ these days are gonna hurt, and round up your whole family for a load of fun and kick-ass action.

I’ll be back later to let y’all know how it goes.


What can I say about Big Red? He’s tall, well-built and I would so kick Liz’s butt to have him. But hey, he loves her, she loves him, who am I to come between them?

Taking a serious standpoint though, the film was a blast. It had great characterization, they told just enough to keep you on edge and the story was excellent. Nothing seemed unbelievable or completely out of this world.

For those who don’t know the basic synopsis, I present you with this: Hellboy II: The Golden Army on Wikipedia.

For those who do…. go see the movie already!

The theater was so packed people had to split up their groups in order to find seats. And I think everyone that saw it enjoyed it. There was loud acclaim, tons of laughter and … let’s just say everyone left satisfied.

So that’s it. On my still to be determined scale, I give Hellboy II: The Golden Army 5 _(blank)_.

Go check it out already. I’m gonna bet that you enjoy it as much as I did. Just get there early so you can pick a good seat.

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