New Month, New Post

So just to fill the emptiness, I’m going to make a quick post with updates and future goals.


First: I, Shanna Wynne, is one of a lucky (or cursed, some say) few to be a reader for Dark Recesses Press magazine. What that boils down to is that I get to sort through lots of bad stories to find the good ones.Dark Recesses Press, first print issue And they’re not all bad, most just don’t suit the mag. To reflect this opportunity, I will be adding a new page to the site detailing DRP, with more links to the site and other goodies.

Second: My sister, the person I have bragged about for two months now, has returned from the United States Marine Corp Officer Candidate School. Unfortunately, this is about a month and a half early. She decided to forego this chance to become a Marine when she realized a week in that she’s a thinker, not a fighter. While this was unforeseen and unexpected, we’re all still immensely proud of her. And she’s doing well. She has learned a lot about herself and gained a ton of confidence she didn’t have before hand. This makes her easier to admire, but by far harder to put up with. (You know I love you, little sis.) Oh, and it’s been a week and her hands are still embedded with dirt. That’s how you break a soldier off.

In the Future

While I have an unbelievable amount of fun working on the site, I must alas turn over the design to another. I have artistic vision–just not an ounce of color sense to put it together. (Trust me, I’d wear plaid and stripes if I didn’t have a husband to censor me before I leave the house.) So, hopefully soon, there will be some interesting changes to the site and I look forward to bragging about them even more.

Also, for those who know and those who don’t, every Saturday night I get together with my mom and sister to watch horror movies. If we start early enough, we watch three or four; some good, some awful, some not worth mentioning. I realized the other day that I’ve been wasting a great opportunity. Here I was saving my thoughts on films for the newsletter (that never gets sent out nowadays) . . . denying all my great readers a chance for a taste of new and old horror films, both A and B list, from my height perspective. I have done all my readers a disservice and I am remedying it immediately. Every Sunday will be a new blog, entitled “Saturday Night Horror Fest,” where I divulge my most secret thoughts about the films and any other juicy tidbits I might share.

And speaking of the newsletter, it’s time to get real. I’m going to pick a day of the month and bam! It’ll be in your inbox, ready to read. I’ll let you know what day. If you have any ideas, feel free to drop a line.

That’ll be it for now. Enjoy your weekend and I hope everyone had a great Fourth.

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