Fifth Anniversaries and Wood

That title makes me giggle. But it’s true. For the fifth wedding anniversary, the gift is wood.

Seriously. Wiki it.

But getting back to the subject, Marquis and I are celebrating our fifth anniversary this year. We’re going to leave the kids with a grandma for the weekend and go out of town. Our first time doing so. So this acts as both anniversary celebration and very long delayed honeymoon. Sort of.

It’s kind of weird being married for five years. Especially in these days and times. When we left high school, there were several couples we knew of together at the time. All vowing to be together forever. As far as I know of, we’re the only couple together in high school who is still together now. (If anyone that knows me from EHS thinks otherwise, please, correct me. Just wear leather and don’t forget the whip. Hehe.)

I remember the first year Marquis and I were married, I was grocery shopping with my mom, pregnant with our first child, and the cashier was someone I knew from high school. In fact, she was in the same JROTC class as both Marquis and I. She seemed seriously surprised that Marquis and I were still together. And that was before we were married a whole year. I think we’d just gotten married at the time. So at that point, we had been together for two years. (Ha! And now that I remember it, she asked, “You haven’t killed each other yet?”)

We were together for almost two whole years before we got married. And everyone thinks we rushed into it. Haha.

It’s strange to know that I’ve been married to my husband for five years, and with him for almost seven. That’s almost a decade of my life–spent with this one person. It’s so crazy–not because I’m not monogamous, which I totally am, but for me, I’d never imagined being married in the first place. I’m a loner, I’m kind of crazy, (and if he read that he’d say, “Kind of?”) and hard to deal with. Yet this man has put up with me for seven years. I’m not going to say dealing with him has been like eating ice cream on a hot day, but it has been easier for me than for him.

I suppose this is my way of letting the world know that I’m grateful to have a man like my husband. He gets annoying at times–I have to suffer a trip through the music store this weekend, but he has to finally suffer a horror movie for me–but I love him very much and I’m proud to say that I’m sentenced to a five-to-lifer.

And for those who like to laugh at me, here’s a picture of us at prom. Back in 2002.

Prom Dates

Aren’t we cute?

Thankfully, while we’re on this out of town trip, I actually have a laptop I can bring with me (score!!!!!) so I can write on the fly. Isn’t that so cool? I’ll drive Marquis mad I’m sure.

Enjoy your weekend, folks. I’m sure gonna enjoy mine.

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