Brian Lumley’s Titus Crow–A Review

So I have yet to think of a catchy title for my book reviews. (Suggestions are always welcome!) Until then, we’re going to stick with the simple fare. Here is a plain ol’ review of Brian Lumley’s book, Titus Crow: The Burrowers Beneath / The Transition of Titus Crow. First, I absolutely adore the works … Continue reading

Hump Day Horror — Double Shot

This special (belated) Hump Day Horror edition is a double shot of goretastic flavorfulness. Half Indie, Half Mainstream. A mix of your two favorite flavors: bloody and terrifying.   So let’s take this double shot straight to the head! Hump Day Horror Double Shot   Necromentia Directed  and Written by Perry Teo; Co-Written by Stephanie … Continue reading

Been So Long…

Yeah. I know. I’m a horrible blogger. But.. I moved, guys! I’ve been busy!! And my kids’ schedules changed (the big’un goes to school at 7.45 now – what an unearthly hour to make a kid start school, right? I mean, it’s kindergarten!! – and the other doesn’t head that way until 12.30!!) which leaves … Continue reading

Fickle Readers, Zombieland, and NaNoWriMo

Y’all are horrible, ya know? I put great effort into blogging a lot in September, and my views drop considerably (except for the week I blogged about Megan Fox, but her post was only third highest! Ha!!) … but I don’t blog for yet another month and my views go up and remain a constant … Continue reading

Let’s talk Zombies

Have you ever found yourself pondering the inevitable collapse of civilization at the hands of the undead? A.K.A. the Zombie Apocalypse? Have you wondered at how this could occur? What type of zombies you are likely to encounter? Are there multiple types? (According to Zombies Central, there are.) If you haven’t yet, you should get … Continue reading


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