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    Many writers have this vague hope that the elves will come in the night and finish any stories.

    They won't.

    - Neil Gaiman

Hump Day Horror – Mama (2013)

Source:  Wikipedia Tonight I saw Mama. It was the last time it was playing in theater in my tiny little burg, so I had to. Man, am I glad I did. It’s a fantastic film. I jumped a few times. (And even covered my eyes once. *shh* Don’t tell anybody.) The film has an amazing … Continue reading

Hump Day Horror – Movies with Mike

Pictured: Mike’s usual face So I’ve got this pretty amazing kid. I have to start there. He’s really embraced the lifestyle, and spends as much time as I do watching horror movies (nothing too scary) or thinking about crazy weird stuff. And since I’ve been planning to see Prometheus, he has been excited to tag … Continue reading


If you know what I mean by algebraic, you’re epic awesome. If you don’t, you probably don’t have kids or you’re a for-real-grown-up. (Note: I am not a for-real-grown-up. I’m an 8 year old trapped in a hobbit sized body that people keep insisting is an adult, but I keep telling them I don’t know what … Continue reading

Hump Day Horror presents Fright Night

Hump Day is here, and that means my life needs just a tad more horror in it. Up this week is Fright Night. Sorry ’bout that. This here be the film I’m reviewing. Some quick facts and stats: The stars I can name: Colin Farrell, Anton Yelchin (who to be honest, I could not have … Continue reading

Hump Day Horror – Tucker & Dale vs Evil

It’s that time again. Hump Day is here again, bringing a little horror into our lives. Of course, every Wednesday is scary enough since there’s still two more days until Friday. Today we’re watching …   So, this movie is quite hilarious. And so sweet, with a really deep meaning underneath the gore. Don’t judge … Continue reading


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