cat frozen

Hell Hath Frozen Over

And so has my house. Want to see?

20150304_173131 20150304_173101

Okay, so actually today we had the roof de-snowed. That’s why there’s a fresh looking pile of the white stuff in front of the house there. But the snow piled up around the fence that we’re constantly moving to unblock the gate? That’s for realsies.

I know I hated the Texas heat. I still do. I’ll take 25F any day over 110F. But I am up to my chest in snow. Literally.

And so’s our picnic table under the deck.

That’s a picnic table. For reals. I was not going to get any closer than leaning over the deck for this picture.

But all the snow aside, my ebook short story The Rainbow Ranch is red hot. Well, red hot to me anyway. I’ve sold a few copies, and even gotten a couple of nice reviews! So, if you haven’t picked it up yet, head on over to Amazon (or click here: The Rainbow Ranchand don’t forget to leave a review!

As for me, I’m not celebrating this initial success long. I’ve got more work to do. The words just keep comin’ and my job is to get ‘em down.

Oh, and soon I’m going to enhance my blog with some interesting additions.

Get ready to start seeing a lot more of me.

‘Til next time.

Rainbow Ranch - High Resolution

Rainbow Ranch has a cover – and it’s Perfect

Howdy from freezing temperatures! When I last checked an hour ago, it was 8 degrees outside. Thanks Polar Vortex!

polar vortex feb 19


And my response to that is, of course…



I feel this is a reasonable response.

Now, all that aside – in the midst of this freezing nature, I have found, paid for, and received back the cover for my soon to be published novelette, The Rainbow Ranch. And for posterity’s sake, here’s the cover again.

Rainbow Ranch - High Resolution

I truly cannot look at this enough.

It took bloody forever to find the right cover. One, because I didn’t want to lay down commission prices for what amounts to a Kindle single. And two, because getting the right tone was damned hard. But I finally got it. I am freaking ecstatic. I can’t wait you guys.

Now the search continues for a cover for The Monsters Among Us as I finished it. Tomorrow I’m getting my hair did, my face done, and author shots (head shots, whatever they call ‘em) taken.

I’m not one for smiling much, but that’s a good thing because spec-fic/horror doesn’t require smiles.

Now it’s off to bed for my beauty rest.

‘Til next time.


Catching Up

As I sit here at 2.30 am, thinking to myself, What on Earth do I blog about? I think, maybe I blog about how it’s been 3 months since I blogged the words:

I’m a week or so away from finishing The Monsters Among Us

And….. I’m still a week or so away. But I’m 99% done with my long short/novellette, “The Rainbow Ranch.” That WILL be up for sale on Amazon here shortly. I just need a cover, then I’m good to go. I hope y’all like it. It’s a comedic satire taking on the conservative anti-homosexual movement.

In other news, I’ve been bingeing on horror films like mad. Like, MAD MAD. I’ve watched Starry Eyes, REC[4] Apocalypse, The Atticus Institute, Afflicted (twice), Frozen, Shutter, The Eye, Jessabelle, I Spit On Your Grave (2010 remix), Wer, Open Grave, Deliver Us From Evil, Shock Value, 13 Sins….

I, uh, watch a lot of movies when I’m cleaning up, doing homework, or brainstorming for writing.

I’m also completely caught up on The Walking Dead. And all I have to say is..

tumblr_m4by06Afpr1qki66fo1_5002axANPp tumblr_m4sxfhm0zf1rw7k3jo1_400

Well, it’s nearing my bedtime. I’m planning on making this a regular thing and all sorts of shit – but for now, at least I applied words to this internet weblog thing-a-ma-jig.


‘Til next time,


im back bitches

Well, it’s been… a long time. Life has had its ups and its downs over the past year and a half I’ve been absent. But at the very least I’ve gotten a novel out of the deal and a change of scenery. From Texas to Connecticut, I’m moving up in the world. There’s gonna be some changes around this here piece of the interwebs. The least of which will be me dividing my website into my “official” author website (where I keeps me links for books and news about such specifically – basically my “writing” home) and the other will be my more “personal” blog where you can hear me bitch about bad writing days, bad food days, and days I know I should have gone to the gym but I totally didn’t and ate a bunch of cupcakes instead. You know, the average junk.

But there you go. I’m a week or so away from finishing “The Monsters Among Us” (working title), and from there it’s just editing, cover, and then it’ll be up for sale on Amazon. I’m looking forward to it. And I hope you are too.

Yours in horror,


HPH - The Possession

Hump Day Horror – The Possession (2012)

Here we are. Another Hump Day.

source: Wikipedia

Now, when I watch movies at home, I usually try to keep a pad of paper or a Word doc open and just stream my thoughts as the film progresses. In going over my so called “notes” for this film, I decided my play-by-play stream of consciousness was coherent enough to just copy/paste here as a review. Though, a word of warning, my stream of consciousness doesn’t care about spoiling it if you haven’t seen it. Just, be aware of that.

So without further ado, let me introduce myself.


Spoilerifically Hilarious In-real-time Thoughts

Or Shanna’s S.H.I.T. for short.

i like how they don’t play around with the “the box has something in it”. no wasting time here. we all know what it’s supposed to be about, etc., no need for time wasting set up. let’s get right into the mix here.

My stream-of-consciousness self doesn’t capitalize. Deal with it.

i’m not okay, however, with the character development of the whole divorce/kids and dad thing. sort of, but it just seems forced at moments. — perhaps i’m wrong though. maybe that’s what teenage girls are just like, cause i certainly wasn’t, so i don’t know..

“i think you’ll feel better if you just stop giving a shit” …. spoken like a true teenager.

Dead Like Me FTW

source: Ehmgeew on Tumblr

 Who could possibly embody this idea better than George? (From Dead Like Me, by the way.)

i love that the box opens by itself. that’s cool.

sometimes i hate the whole mirror shit — so she’s brushing her teeth, looking into a mirror, and doesn’t see the bug flying around behind her? and what’s with all the running water??

Yes, because as everyone knows, when you’re brushing your teeth you’re far too caught up in staring at yourself and making sure to do 32 cycles of up and down to notice anything happening behind you. Am I right? I know I’m right, because this is what all the movies and t.v. shows show us. Focus everyone, focus on those teeth!

Oh, and waste water like it’s 1999. Or 1899. Or 1599. Or some time period that makes the “don’t they know better than to waste water?” joke funny. But then again, she is like 10 or something years old, so I guess it’s completely normal. Or not. My kids harp on me about wasting water all the time thanks to their GREEN education in school. And they’re both younger than her. Hrm. She’s just wasteful, I guess.

definitely has some nice creepy touches… the sounds of eating suddenly seem sinister..

i like the whole child abuse aspect.

ha. new dudes a dick.

i like that dad took matters into his own hands. he don’t fuck around. very go getter. i like that.

ha. i knew mom would come bursting in, that was fairly obvious.

the movie’s an hour in, how long before mom figures it all out?

haha. cool. it could be seen on an mri. ha.

i’m assuming there’s a conversation missing somewhere, where he describes what the issue is to her mom, she dismisses it, and later becomes a believer – awkward lack of discussion. maybe unnecessary, but it’s still left out.

i like the family aspect of the ceremony. that’s cool.

they’ve unleashed a demon on a hospital. awe-some. though, seriously, i already know it’s not going to end as well as it possibly could — how neat would it be if it was a screwed up ending and the demon gets the girl’s body, and just starts slaughtering people? all cause of a yard sale…

halloween 2Oh, wait, they already did that, didn’t they?

cool. it climbed out of his mouth. that was neat.

haha. i knew it was gonna get hit by a truck.

interesting how much influence it wields even outside the box, even locked inside.

anyway, overall, i liked it. i have a special place in my heart for possession/exorcism/demons/etc. i like what they did with this one. it was AWESOME to see the jewish version of a typically catholic/christian demon possession, and it’s especially creepy the weird shit that went on behind the scenes. must do more research into the dybbuk/dybbuk box thing. apparently that shit will freak you out.

heck, and it’s even based off some “real “events, in that a “dybbuk box” was bought on ebay, and said to be haunted — strange events and unfortunate occurings happened to the box’s owners and anyone in proximity (nightmares, hair falling out, one woman had a stroke, allergic reactions, welt, hives, etc.) And it contained weird shit to boot..

the real box and it’s stories..

Well, if you’ve read to this point it means you must have already seen it, or if you haven’t seen it, I just ruined it for you.

My sincerest apologies.

That said, it’s not a bad flick as long as your expectations aren’t too high. If you’re already a fan of the whole “possession/exorcism” genre of horror films, you pretty much know exactly what’s going to happen whether it’s about Jewish demons or Japanese revenge spirits. In that case, it’s more about what they did differently, and I think The Possession will stand out for 1) actually being a film about demonic possession that wasn’t about Christianity (which counts as unique in my book) and 2) it had a few really neat moments, was pretty well-acted, and the story wasn’t bad considering the real story it’s based on. If you haven’t checked out those links yet, please do. The real story behind the Dybbuk Box is about as interesting (if a lot shorter to read) than the film.

Perhaps it’s an even greater coincidence that I finally wrote this blog up about The Possession and The Last Exorcism 2 is due out this Friday. I watched the first ages ago, and there is indeed on my hard drive another Shanna’s S.H.I.T. for it. I plan to go see the 2nd this weekend, because I can and a solo trip to the theater in my tiny burg is less than $15 bucks – including popcorn, drink, and a candy of my choosing.

Next HPH – The Last Exorcism 1 & 2.