With Deepest Regrets, The Internet

I told you I’d be finishing up the Writer’s Online Tool Box Part 2 and throwing it up here for your amusement, and perhaps education, a few days ago.

However, I received this notice earlier today:

To Shanna Wynne, writer extraordinaire:

We must unfortunately inform you that the links you wish to provide on your latest and greatest blog are down. They have crashed and appear as Network Not Found. The internet equivalent to the Blue Screen of Death.

When these links are resurrected, we will update you immediately. Then you may proceed to write and publish your blog.

With deepest regrets,

The Internet

There you have it. The problem-at-hand. I could post the blog unfinished, without the links, but it just wouldn’t be the same.

As such, here are funny pictures to amuse us while we wait.


One of my favorite Calvin and Hobbes comics.


This one makes me think….. Would I do that?


I suppose two funny pictures are enough. Not only is the Internet ashamed for messing up my links, but for some reason, it’s also interfering with my blog – writing. (Buttons and stuff getting stuck. Had to undo stuff several times. It wants to put everything in block quotes. *sigh*)



That there will be that fateful day on the escalator when my shoe laces or the hem of my jeans will get caught in its vice-like teeth and I will be chewed up into fajita meat.


That thing is just scary looking…. It is in disrepair, I admit, but even the working ones terrify me.


Have a terrific Sunday. I will return and post more. Hopefully the Internet fixes my link problem so I can post Part 2 to the Writer’s Online Tool Box series.

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