Feeling better

I wish I had more to say. Just that I’m glad I’m feeling so much better. When you’re sick, you almost forget how good it can feel to breathe through both nostrils. To eat whatever you want. To not cough every five seconds.

Of course, being better also means that I need to clean up the house (which isn’t too messy, but my room is a wreck), get some writing done, finish the essays for my night class. Ugh. I hate housework. I hate homework.

But I’m going to get it done. I’ve got some music going and I’m going to step away from the computer for an hour. (I’ll even set the alarm and I’m not allowed back until it goes off.) I’ll clean up this room (Icky used tissues are still hiding around, I know it. Don’t you just hate cleaning up the aftermath after an illness?) and then write up the essays I have finished (I just can’t do anymore writing by hand. It’s killing me) and after that I’ll work on finishing “The Toy.”

I might even post up an essay or two that I’ve written about horror. Maybe someone will read them?

Thanks for listening to me vent. I’m getting back to normal. Finally.

One response to “Feeling better

  1. Contracting the plague is never fun, my wife and I were both out of commission for a week back in January. Horrible stuff.

    Oh and thanks for the link on your associates page.


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