Being sick sucks

Don’t you just hate being sick? I can’t stand it.

I’m extremely glad now that I quit Hastings last week. I came down terribly ill that Thursday night and the next day I was burning a hot fever and, well.. you don’t need info that detailed. I kept the fever up for almost six full days, then I finally cracked it and now I’m feeling a lot better. Just with a stuffy head and a drippy nose. (Was that too much too? I can never really tell.)

So today will probably mark the first day I open a word doc and get some writing done since I quit. Wish me luck and that the Dayquil works.

But right now, I’m getting some coffee to give me a boost.

4 responses to “Being sick sucks

  1. the flu bug has been vicious this year — heck the vaccine was apparently a waste and the manufacturers are starting from scratch before next year’s flu season. Sleep, liquids and decongestant will make it all better.


  2. Thankfully I’m almost completely well. Just congested now. But that fever had me whipped. My daughter’s still running a low grade fever after 3 days now, poor thing. But I know the course of this flu and she’s just about over. Conversely, my son had a fever for one day–just one friggin’ day–and now is bouncing off the walls like usual. And my husband hasn’t had a drop of illness yet! Lucky boys!!

    Thanks for the comment, Eric. You’re the very first I’ve gotten on the site! It’s a pleasure!


  3. Good to hear your feeling better Honey.

    I am just making it back to the world of the living myself. I don’t think it’s the flu hitting us this year, feels more like the bubonic plague. Many more days as a snot zombie and I’m sure I wouldn’t be returning to this world…..

    Hope your kids fare better with this “b” side flu than we did…


  4. A snot zombie. I love that. That’s so awesome.

    Mike’s doing fine, Alex is holding on. Strong little one, she is.

    Oddly enough, Marquis didn’t get sick at all! Lucky sob!! 😀


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