Taking a trip down Memory . . . Highway

Tomorrow, my great readers, I leave for Texas to visit with some family and bury an uncle I haven’t seen or heard from in a decade.

And I’m driving.

That’s right. Nuts, ‘fraid of the car two blocks behind me – not to mention that car 30 feet in front of me who keeps swerving, just the littlest bit, over the yellow line – is driving for 8 hours on 4 lane blacktop highway tomorrow. Although, laughingly, my mother (the reason I am driving instead of someone more capable) has sworn that if I go too slow she will take over driving. Which is a good threat, because she knows I’d never let her. She’d be in agony by the time we got to Freeport, that dang-blasted neck injury of hers.

Which leads me to the next best part–we’re taking the kids!! Hooray for having a 4 and 3 year old with you on a long trip!!


Anyone catch that game on Sunday? Man, that was great, huh?? I thought it was awesome! It’s so nice to see the Pats lose. They cheat, dammit, and I hate cheaters! (By the way, you got the answers to the test?)

And for one last paragraph:

A quick update on everything going. I’ve submitted A Quarter Past Madness to another mag. I did it about 3 weeks ago, so hopefully I’ll hear back soon. If everything goes as planned, it will sell and once again I will let go of it. Shadowed Silence, the magazine publishing “The Purpose”, is postponed for only a short time. I will be sure to make links to it for purchase or examining needs.

I’m almost done with “The Toy” which I’m still playing around with whether or not to post it up – for a limited time, of course – in its rough draft form. I’ve got other great stories ready for submission and I will be getting on those as soon as I return from my trip.

(We’ve also got a new Dell Dimension Desktop computer and I’m feeling pretty inspired by it. Can’t wait to get back and have time to spend writing on it. Unfortunately, we got it in Monday afternoon; Marquis set it up when he got home from work and I had class; then Tuesday it was downloading from the old PC – which didn’t work and will have to be redone; and then today I was packing. Have to admit.. it’s been a fulfilling, busy week. I can’t wait for a chance to be lazy! . . . And write, ‘course. Ha. Ha.

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