Writing after a stint

Hello my fabulous readers,

How are you? I’m doing alright. I’ve finally broken this annoying writing block I’ve had for a while now. It’s been really tough since I started my job, which I probably will definitely leave in the coming month because of this problem.

But I’ve been working on “The Toy.” Expanding it and adding more depth to the characters. And some very sick and perverted scenes. So far everyone whom I’ve described it to (just my family whom I bounce ideas off of) has responded with: “Shanna, you are sick and twisted.”

My sister, who has finally received her bachelors in psychology, said, “Shanna, you are a sick bitch. Since I’ve got my bachelors in psychology now I think you and I should sit down and have a long talk. Schedule a session, you kow?”

Which amused me to no end.

I’m planning on submitting the final draft to a few publishers I’ve noticed, so I won’t be able to post it online here. And I’ll have to remove the previous draft, but if all goes well, you’ll be able to find it easily in the next few months.

I also picked up the new horror movie Hatchet last night when renting a movie for the hubby. I haven’t watched it yet. I figured since I’m going to work the next four days I ought to get some sleep and went to bed pretty early for me. I’ll watch it when I get home tonight, undoubtedly in pain and needing to soak my poor aching feet for a while. Sit on the couch with my right leg propped on pillows to relieve the pain in my hips.

I won’t complain about the job too much; I’ll just say, I wish people would finish their shopping a couple weeks before Christmas (as I have) rather than waiting til the last 4 days to go shopping. The next couple days will be hell and I know it.

So for now, I must sign off. I have to finish getting ready to go out. I’ve got errands to run, some stories to print out at the library (dammit how I wish I had ink for this stupid printer) and groceries to buy. And I’ll probably have to wrap the last couple presents for the kiddos hiding at my mom’s house.

I’ll work on the next Newsletter tonight and get it sent out tomorrow. Perhaps a special holiday themed one–and it might even include this story I’ve been churning around about an evil Santa.

Enjoy your holidays, folks, and Merry Christmas!!

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