Embarassed by a toddler and a new job

By “embarrassed by a toddler”, I really mean embarrassed by a toddler.

For those who know and those who don’t, I got a part-time job working at Hastings. Just evenings (usually 6pm-close) and only a couple days of the week.

But I did the interview last Tuesday (passed with flying colors, I might add–and getting an extra quarter an hour for my experience) and after doing the mandatory pre-hire drug test, I was supposed to come back that afternoon or the next day for the new hire paperwork. The assistant manager who did my interview told me he’d call me when the results of the test were in and then I could go to the next step.

He didn’t call me that day…. so middle of Wednesday (Halloween) I finally called them to find out if they’d gotten the results (I mean, I know I passed after all!!) and the guy who hired me was off work. And the associate on the phone was rude as hell when I asked if there was a manager on duty (which there should have been since it was daytime) and if I could speak to him/her.

So Wednesday, no paperwork done. Starting to seriously wonder if they were even going to hire me!

Thursday rolls around and mid-afternoon again I call them and finally reach the day manager. She tells me that everything is green-lighted and to come in that afternoon to do my paperwork. So I did, as soon as I could, got the paperwork done lickety-split, and she tells me that now my paperwork has to be faxed to the main corporate building (several states away) and that it’ll be Monday or Tuesday when they call me to tell me I’m in the system. Then I will be able to start training.

I think–Cool! Saturday and Sunday were hubby’s drill days for his unit and I really wasn’t interested in arguing with my new bosses over why I really couldn’t work that weekend, at least, not so soon.

So Monday rolls around. No call. Tuesday goes by. No call. Wednesday I was talking to my mom on the phone and I told her that I hadn’t received a call yet. She told me I’d probably have to call them.

But all I could think was—are they fighting to hire this well-qualified employee or am I fighting to get a job I really don’t need? I’m only doing the job for the perks (sweet discounts and a free book every week) and to raise money for getting my domain name and upgrading my website account among other “writerly” things (I feel guilty taking away from the family money for my stuff). Other than that, I really don’t need the job.

So I decided to wait and call them Thursday. They know I can’t work Wednesdays (and the first time they try to get me to work a Wednesday I’m quitting–I’m not putting up with another set of bosses who won’t work with my schedule–it’s not like I’m asking for full-time pay anyway. I just want a couple evenings a week, that’s all!!) and I didn’t want to have to call and then say, “No, I can’t work today.”

But Thursday I finally received the call about when I start training—that night at 6pm.

However… I wasn’t the person who answered the phone. I was.. indisposed at the moment and unable to get it. (Okay, okay, I was in the bathroom.) I seriously had thought it was my husband calling. It was close to lunchtime and sometimes he’ll call to see if I’m making anything for lunch.

So I asked Alex to grab the phone for me when it rang. She did, but instead of bringing it to me, she answered it.

At first I thought she was talking to her daddy, but as she got closer and I could hear the voice, I realized it was a woman’s voice–and it didn’t sound like one I knew.

“Oh Shit!!!” was all I could think.

There was Alex, dancing around with the phone in her hand, giving this woman the third degree (Nana? Nana? Go home, Nana?) and then she said something I’ll never ever forget…

Mama? Mama potty. Mama potty.


I know she didn’t just tell some woman that I was on the potty!! Oh NOOOO!!!

So quickly, as fast as I could, I finished up, ran over to her and yanked the phone from her hand. But as I did, the phone closed and I had to call who ever it was back.

So I did and got a hold of the same manager I’d spoken to for my new hire paperwork, and she laughed when I asked if she’d just called. She told me to come in that night to start training and that was it.

Definitely one of my most embarrassing moments in my life. And now I completely understand why Mom hated it when we told people she was in the bathroom when they asked for her. Haaaahaaaa!

So on to the “On my Feet Again” part.

I went to work a little before 6, expecting to get put on a computer for an evening of training.

When I’d done my new hire paperwork, there was someone there who’d just been hired and was doing her computer stuff.

Now, I don’t know if they do “on-the-job” training first or computer stuff, but I would assume computer stuff usually comes first. But when I got there Thursday night, there were no managers there to set up the training program, so I guess they’d decided that day that for me, the computer wasn’t as necessary. I have 4 years experience on a register and they figured it’d be best to just throw me in the mix as soon as possible.

I got to admit, while it was tough on my feet (I mean, I haven’t stood on my feet for 6 hours straight in over a year and a half!), the job itself is pretty good. I checked in movies for an hour or so (easy stuff) then I had to “shag” them–run around the store and put them away.

But as front desk people, I didn’t have to make sure they were perfectly neat. Someone else does that.

Then they started me on a register around 7.30-8ish and I was on it til the end of the night.

And while it is irritating to have to hit “enter” after each item scanned, I find their registers are much better than the ones I used to work with. If the woman running the cash box had gotten me pennies as soon as I’d needed them, I would have had a perfect drawer! I was one penny short at the end of the night.

But all my previous time on a register came back to me in a flash–counting back money, double checking the amounts I’m entering.. Overall, it was a good experience.

And it was so nice to be around adults who aren’t somehow related to me or my family in anyway. I didn’t talk a whole lot, just listened mostly, but it was so nice to just be standing there. I told one couple in line (who had the most adorable 1 yr old girl) that I’d just started the job and I mostly took it so I could get a break from the kids here and there and be around other adults! It made them laugh, apparentally the woman had plans to do that too!

The best thing about it all though is that I’m not permanent front staff. I’m good on a register, so they wanted to be sure I was trained there, but for the most part, I’m going to be in books!! I’m so happy!!

I get to work with books!! Yeah!

And working this job will definitely help me lose some weight. With all the shagging, I was sweating my butt off!!

So that’s it, guys.

A toddler with a big mouth and a job that I might actually enjoy doing!!

For now, I’m kind of tired. I got home just after midnight, watched 3 hours of Voyager (Mikey woke up and watched it with me) and soaked my feet for an hour.

So now I have to get some writing done, any more updates that need to be made, and if I can–set up my domain name.. maybe.. if the hubby will let me. Haha!

I’ll bid everyone a fond farewell until next time (or at least I get the newsletter finished today and sent out).

Just remember–those glowing eyes in the window at night? That’s just me, peeping in at you.

I’m always watching.


Shanna Wynne

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