How weird is too weird?

Well, it’s been a few days since my last blog. I’ve been busy pimping out my site to whoever would listen. And the management… *wink wink* is very pleased with my progress. Over 60 site hits. That’s pretty cool. Maybe it’ll be over 100 soon.

And, as I said, I’d let you all know about my current subs. I sent a story called “A Quarter Past Madness” to Blood, Blade and Thruster Magazine.

I heard back from them.

*Sigh* They’ve closed their doors on their magazine. I honestly think I would have preferred the straight rejection.

But no need to worry, I will soon find a home for “AQPM”.

And something I just needed to ask.

As I was pondering what to write during this blog, I had several weird things pass through my mind. I’m wondering at what point do I go from being funny to just .. uh… weird?

For instance, the time came for me to clip my toenails. It’s something we all do. I’m not ashamed. But oddly, the nail on my left big toe grew back a little funny. Not sharp, or at an odd angle. It was just “wavy” and had this strange curve to it. It held my attention. When I would feel it, you know just pulling my feet up to sit indian style on the couch or something, I would always be surprised by that curve.

Anyone else had an appendage grow back funny? I don’t know if you can even call a toenail an appendage really. What do you call them? I don’t want to narrow down to specifics–saying only “nails”, but really, what else could grow back funny? I guess your hair could, if you’d gotten a really bad haircut. That’s happened to me a few times. Or maybe when that first silver hair pops up and you see it for the very first time. That could be funny and scary.

I know I find my own silver hairs frightening. The maternal side of my family carries this abnormal trait: By the time my mother was in her early 30’s, her hair had started to lose color. Not graying, but a platinum blonde or white color. It seems to lack pigmentation. Same with my mother’s sisters. I’m 22 (for now) and I’ve already got several gray hairs–but are they really gray? Perhaps in just a few years time I’ll have half a head full of colorless hairs.

So for me, seeing my hair turning gray or white is pretty scary. Well, not so much scary. It leaves me with a resigned feeling. I know within the next ten years I’ll either be dying my hair regularly or learning to deal with my suddenly almost completely white hair.

Ah, the strange things that cross my mind near midnight on Thursdays.

Did this blog have a point? Probably not. Maybe only to ask, “How weird is too weird?” for my readers.

What readers I have.

Are you there?

I sure hope so. Somebody has to help me keep the voices entertained.

2 responses to “How weird is too weird?

  1. i once cut off the inside corner of my thumb, this was about 12 years ago
    to this day, it grows back funny
    the area feels odd as is, sometimes going numb
    but the skin in that area grows thicker than in other areas
    and how do i know this
    it grows so thick that if if i scratch at it enough, and dig a fingernail into the skin, i can pull it back and off without pain


  2. That is awesomely weird, George. About two months ago, I was getting my nails “done” (as in having fake nails and enamel glued to my fingertips) with my mom, but I had a problem. My fingernails grow really fast. So by week 2, there’d be a centimeter or so of regular nail showing, and the fake nail and enamel would be pulling up from the bottom.

    Now, I’m pretty cheap and there was no way I was spending another 20 bucks to get them fixed up again, so I decided I would use the emery board to sand down the bottoms of the fake nails and enamel, make it smooth enough to match the regular nail growth, and then paint over them.

    One evening, I wasn’t really paying attention. Just rote muscle motion, and sanded down so much on a fingernail I actually sanded completely through the nail and even drew a little blood. Creepy, but awesome.

    The next time I took my mom to get her nails done, I had my fake ones removed. The sanded area was growing and had created what looked like two fingernail ends on that finger. It was awesome. Weird, slightly painful, but awesome.

    Eventually the old top of the nail fell off and now my fingernail ends mid-way on my finger. It’s always weird when that under-fingernail flesh shows. 😀

    Thanks for stopping by!



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