Coming back from a semi-vacation

Sort of.

I’ve spent the last week and a half having a hard time writing anything. Don’t you just hate those ruts where you can barely get out a single word? I spent the time catching up on some research, editing some stories and sending out a couple more submissions. I’ll let you guys know when I hear back from the mags.

And I’ve discovered 2 places I really want to go.

One is a completely horror-specific bookstore in Los Angeles. Personally, I never wanted to go to LA. I can barely stand big cities. I have a hard time driving in Oklahoma City, which is maybe a tenth the size of LA, if not smaller, and I’d probably have a heart attack if you put me behind the wheel in a big city like that. I nearly had a heart attack driving through Dallas. I’ve got serious paranoia issues.

But this bookstore, called “Dark Delicacies”, is awesome. They’ve even published an anthology, bearing the same name, two years ago with the second in the series being released this October. Check it out. When I picked this book up off the shelf, I didn’t know quite what to expect. But it was awesome. There was one story in there that had me rolling on the floor laughing my butt off (or in Leet speak: ROFLMBO–or at least, I think that’s Leet speak. Don’t ask me, I’m not a computer nerd. I stick to books!) It was hilarious and just… out there. Definitely pick these books up wherever you find them. But the store itself looks fantastic and I’m dying to go there one day. If I do die, I’ll probably walk up zombie-fied and request some brains, but hey, at least I got to go there. So it seems one day now I will definitely be taking a trip to LA. If you’re the praying sort, pray I go with someone else to drive.

The second place is none other than the World Horror Convention. I’d heard of it from several places. Read an article about it in an online pdf mag (I think “The Lightning Journal”, but I can’t quite remember exactly. I have an awful memory, so if I meet you and ten minutes later I’ve already forgotten your name, please, be understanding) discussing the events and how much fun it was. I’d love to attend as a Stoker Nominated Author, but I bet that probably won’t happen for a while. As it is, the tickets are pretty expensive and no doubt will be more expensive by tax time when I can actually afford them. *Sigh* So I’ll have to postpone that trip for a year or so. I was really hoping to go this year after I saw who the guest emcee was going to be for the Stoker’s Banquet (not that I’m likely to get into the banquet). It’s Mr. Jeff Strand and upon perusing his website, I’ve come to find another author whose books I’m desperate to read. If I can find them. Click this and check him out. He’s got a very long, very detailed biography but it’s hilarious and entertaining. It takes a lot to be funny in a biography, I think. I don’t think mine is at all entertaining–well, maybe now it might be a little with the pictures that have been posted, sheesh I hate that M.J. pose!–but his was a blast to read. Check him out and if you can find any of his books, by all means, read them!! (*Ahem* Jeff, I want a free copy of that one book now please. Jeff? You there?) I even took the initiative and emailed the guy and he was just as funny in his response as he is on his site. (No, I am not buying your entire collection. At least, not all at once. I fully intend to buy them individually if I can get them ordered through my friend at Hastings.)

So I guess that’s about it for now. Is this thing on? Is anybody listening…er…reading?

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