New Year, New M… *gurgle* *blork* *blagh*

That’s the sound you should be hearing anytime someone near you or online says “New Year, New Me.” (The sound of them being choked. That’s what that sound is.)

Yeah, I went to Ned Stark. Wanna fight about it?

Yeah, I went to Ned Stark. Wanna fight about it?

All jokes aside, here is a new year. 2015 passed too damn fast if you ask me. Especially since I spent 70% of it sleeping.

No lie there. And not even the good, procrastinating-lazy-butthole kind of sleeping.

I started GREAT last year right… then my health took a turn mid-way through and after that it was a downhill slide into oblivion.

Thankfully there is light at the end of this tunnel. My health is slowly improving – and with no foreseeable issues in the future. (Crosses fingers…. Hey, why aren’t you crossing yours?)

Unfortunately being ill meant that I didn’t get as much accomplished this year as I planned. But I do believe that each day is a fresh opportunity.

Today is.. okay, it’s 8.30pm where I am so this evening is the end of a new day. And tomorrow is another.

The future holds lots of fun surprises. Writing, blogging, videos (ooh! You know you want to see my face making words from its mouth hole!), and more.

Get ready to see SO MUCH MORE of me – words, images, face holes, and all that grossness in-between.

‘Til then.

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