Just a Quickie

I’ve been a tad bit busy this past week, burying myself and my car in an icy driveway – playing damsel who’s too stubborn to get rescued in a timely manner – and getting started on another term of school. So I just wanted to drop a quick note..

I’m working on this new story right now – I’ll save title and cover release for later – and I realized as I was working on character backgrounds and what not, that there was something creepy about how this story came about.

First, for the writers out there, I know y’all have woken up at 2, 3, 4 am with an idea you JUST HAD TO WRITE DOWN. So, y’all know how this goes.

This story idea came to me in a fairly well fleshed out dream. I got up at 3 am, mistitled the document “draem 4/16” and poured out 4 pages of story skeleton and fleshy character bits. Two character names came to me in this dream. Rick and Eloise. My two protagonists.

What’s creepy is… I looked up the meaning of the name Eloise, and it means FAMOUS IN WAR.

Oddly enough, her character has to regularly fight for her survival. So having a name that means “Famous in War” is suitably fitting.

Isn’t it weird that I happened to have dreamed the perfect name for this character? Especially since the only Eloise I remember is from that French movie called “Eloise” and I had no idea what that name meant? (If asked, I would have said “French girl with straight bangs.”)

Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled shenanigans now. Did y’all have a happy St. Patrick’s Day where you’re at? Because up here in the Northeast they take that day super-serial. A guy showed up to the Hubby’s work dressed in a kilt.

Wish I had a kilt.

‘Til next time.

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