Rainbow Ranch has a cover – and it’s Perfect

Howdy from freezing temperatures! When I last checked an hour ago, it was 8 degrees outside. Thanks Polar Vortex!

polar vortex feb 19


And my response to that is, of course…



I feel this is a reasonable response.

Now, all that aside – in the midst of this freezing nature, I have found, paid for, and received back the cover for my soon to be published novelette, The Rainbow Ranch. And for posterity’s sake, here’s the cover again.

Rainbow Ranch - High Resolution

I truly cannot look at this enough.

It took bloody forever to find the right cover. One, because I didn’t want to lay down commission prices for what amounts to a Kindle single. And two, because getting the right tone was damned hard. But I finally got it. I am freaking ecstatic. I can’t wait you guys.

Now the search continues for a cover for The Monsters Among Us as I finished it. Tomorrow I’m getting my hair did, my face done, and author shots (head shots, whatever they call ’em) taken.

I’m not one for smiling much, but that’s a good thing because spec-fic/horror doesn’t require smiles.

Now it’s off to bed for my beauty rest.

‘Til next time.

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