Hump Day Horror – Movies with Mike

Pictured: Mike’s usual face

So I’ve got this pretty amazing kid. I have to start there. He’s really embraced the lifestyle, and spends as much time as I do watching horror movies (nothing too scary) or thinking about crazy weird stuff. And since I’ve been planning to see Prometheus, he has been excited to tag along.

But how can I take him to a prequel without giving him a tour of the series?

introducing the classics

Yesterday we watched Alien. It was awesome. Mostly because his reactions are freaking priceless (also in green, his favorite color):

Complete and utter ennui while the story is set up and established and Mom, where are the aliens!? Who’s gonna die?

Did that thing just grab his face? He’s dead, isn’t he? Yup, he’s gotta be dead. He’s not? Wow.

It’s gonna kill them now. They’re gonna get it on their face, yup.

And at that oh-so-pivotal moment–

O. M. Gee, that alien is awesome!

(That’s my kid. #parentalpride)

Ok, for my birthday what I want is that game Minecraft and the alien plush toy from that magazine Forget Call of Duty – just Minecraft and the plush. (ThinkGeek is a staple catalog in our home. He said “plush” a lot. It was killing me. He said it so much it sounds all weird now, alá Adventure Time. See video below. Plush. Pluuuushh.)

Back to Alien:

Lots of advice: Don’t go in there! Leave the cat! Just go!

And when the xenomorph is tossed out the airlock:

Look at him, he’s cooking. Let’s have some alien barbecue!

Pictured: Google search of “alien bbq” because

“xenomorph bbq” turned up nothing suitable.

So, Alien went over pretty well. Today, obviously, it was time for Aliens.

Are there boring parts? *sigh* Why do they need to have boring parts?

That company is evil, so evil.

I definitely want that alien plush for my birthday. Don’t forget. 

He even fetched the ThinkGeek catalog to remind me, and then asked if we could look up some more on the Internet. Found a load at this site here. He asked for one of each.

That one guy is stupid. That guy is a bad chicken.

–At the elevator scene–

The Queen’s going to get in the other elevator, isn’t she? She did, I predicted it! Those aliens are so smart!

–At the bitch-slap-wrestling-match between Ripley and the Queen–

(running back to the armchair by the tv) Front row seats for the fight!

Pictured: Front row seat(s)

post-movie Q&A

Let’s look up plushes! I don’t care about the history of aliens. Let’s look at pictures of the Queen. 

Following a big picture hunt of close-ups so he could better examine them, we discussed the other kinds of xenomorphs (Dog Alien/Runner from Alien³, PredAlien from AvP: whatever) and I had to give a quick summary of Alien³ and Alien:Resurrection.

Then he got bored and went to watch more Minecraft videos on the youtubes. It’s my fault really. I once looked up a tutorial/walk-through for a game I was playing (Dead Island) that he was watching me play (family thing) and ever since all he does is look up video game walk-throughs.

But speaking of youtube and munchkins, the other little one, Alexandra, spends all her computer time looking up My Little Pony songs, home videos girls a little older than her make with their toys, and recipes. (Seriously. She’s addicted to this one lady’s series about cupcake decorating, and keeps demanding we – her and me – make graveyard cupcakes for Halloween. *sigh* At least she’ll be a better cook than I am.)

Here’s how she watched the movie with us.

Pictured: My freckly shoulder. And a sleeping mini.

I really enjoyed watching the movies with Mike. He’s hilarious to listen to, he asks the oddest questions, and he’s willing to go fetch me a bottle of water or the remote while Alex is super-glued-dead-asleep to my side. (^_^) Look forward to more of these. Movies with Mike is definitely going to become a regular (infrequently regular?) segment. It will probably get me blogging more, since there really hasn’t been a whole lot of recent horror films released that are particularly interesting or worth watching. At least watching old flicks with Mike has some point of conversation. Maybe next time I’ll pause the movie and record particularly funny things he says for your enjoyment. Or just record the whole thing and edit it? I’ve never done that before. Food for thought.

Oh yeah, and…

Prometheus in 24 hours, 33 minutes and counting!!

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