Many Apologies – Life

Oh, yes. Got another letter today. This is one addressed to “Lazy Writer in Lawton.” Post marked from LIFE.

Lazy Writer,

What has been up with you lately? Sure, you don’t put out much on a regular basis, but seriously… a month? A whole month with zero posts? Or any hard core writing at that?

This is your warning. Get back on track or we will send the Big Ass Patrolman around to your kick your booty.

Pissed Off,


So, I’ve had a busy month. Lots of ups and downs. A few personal issues and just fatigue in general. Makes writing and blogging a difficult, though not completely impossible. (I am posting… finally, right?)

As such, I have only one question to ask…..

What is up with getting MORE site views when I don’t post at all than when I post regularly???

No, really. I’ve had days with over 100 sites views. I haven’t had that many site views since the FIRST day I announced the site was open to the public. Nearly 2 years ago!

So, thanks for being loyal I guess.

I think this means I owe you guys something.

Well, here ya go.


Keep trespassing all you want, however. Visit every link you can and don’t forget to leave footprints!

I’ll be back soon. Pinkie promise!!

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