Projects At Hand

As an in-between blog, this is going to be a quickie. (Sometimes those are the best kind.)


On the Online Front:

The blog after this will be Part 2 of my Writer’s Online Tool Box series. In it, we’re going to discuss the various market websites and tools writers can use to help them organize their schedule of upcoming deadlines and such. (Google Calendars, I love you.) I’m also going to download Google Chrome and see how it performs as a browser, and I’ll let you all know how it goes.

On top of that blogging project, I’ve got several book and movie reviews to write. For esteemed horror/fantasy fiction such as Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, Bentley Little’s The Store, Richard Laymon’s Body Rides, and so much more I can’t name them all. As for movies, I’m going to go over the backlog on my Netflix and write up all the reviews I haven’t written up. As for Saturday Night Horror Fest, everybody’s schedules are so busy, we haven’t really had one in a while. But I’m going to try to get back in the habit. My movie reviews are what bring people to the site the most, ironically, so I need to keep up with those.

I will also finish the blog on Passive Voice soon enough, and follow that craft/grammar blog with another about Stereotypes and Cliches. (This one is irking me right now because of the anthology story I’m working on. The “chick-flick” story that I don’t want to dip into cliches in, but there’s a certain expectation of “women sitting around talking” scenes that I might have to give in to.)


On the Writing Front:

There’s a lot of upcoming anthologies I would like to submit to, and need to write stories for. I generally don’t do this type of thing. I am a “write first, submit later” kind of gal, but there’s some interesting anthologies that are just screaming at me to submit to.

There’s a Zombies VS Vampires anthology that could be a lot of fun. Another called All About Eve, which is the “chicky” story I’m working on in my spare time right now. (This one I make no guarantees about. It’s a whole new area of writing for me. More dialogue than anything, though that’s not a problem. It’s just making the conversation between two women realistic….. I’m not much of a gossiper, so I’m not sure how women talking gossip really talk!)

First and foremost is the novel. I have a title now, finally. My grandiose work of fiction will be called “The Monsters Among Us” (Or perhaps, “Monsters Among Us”… Haven’t decided on the “The” yet.) I’ve had a busy couple of days, very little time to do more than lay down notes and such, so I’m looking forward to this evening. I’m going to write my little tail off.

When I’m done with my word count goal for the novel, I’m going to clean up a couple stories and submit them somewhere. *sigh* Hardest part of the biz. Sending your babies out to impress people and crossing your fingers they do a good job.


There you are. My work list for a day, maybe two. I always overload my brain, but it’s the way I function best.


Thanks for listening. Here’s a cookie.



Here’s a new segment I was going to start last year and forgot about.


That one day while cleaning my ears with Q-tips, I’ll get distracted and forget it’s there, slap a pair of stereo headphones on my head and send that neglected Q-tip 2 inches into my brain. I’m very careful with Q-tips.




Have a great Sunday! Remember to come back for more of … well, more of … whatever you want to call this Shan-tastic weirdness!

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