New Features, an Angry Taskmaster and the Novel


I’ve got a new Taskmaster.

He’s finally started really kicking me in the butt about my writing. Mostly because I started the first real novel and now he’s excited.

Of course, I’m referring to my husband. The wonderful Marquis Wynne. Who punishes me harshly when I don’t get my pages done. When he sees that I wasted time blogging he’ll probably beat me with razor chains and fluffy bunnies.

(I stole the razor chains line from a friend on Zoetrope, Lucas Pederson. Thanks Lucas!)

He’s also pushing me to blog more often, and unload some of my back log (the stuff I’m concerned doesn’t really belong anywhere in the publishing world) onto the website. Since I haven’t posted any new stories for reading, he’s making me. It’s a good thing. I don’t post them in the hopes an editor will brush across the website and fall madly in love with my writing style. (Though if that happened, I’m not going to argue.) I post it for you, my lovely readers, of which at least 4 stop by every day. Which I think is amazing. I’m nobody and four different people stop by my website a day? Wow.

There’s going to be a new feature, as you’ve probably already noticed. It’s called “Free Fiction of the Month.” I’ll post a new story up on the main page and you can stop by and read, as well as comment. (Which you can’t do in the Free Library.) It’ll stay up until the end of the month, where I’ll retire it to the Free Library and post a new story. I will also do my darnedest to keep it fairly close to the top for the entire month.


As for the Novel front, it’s coming along pretty good. I’ve got a goal, the hubby is brow-beating me to keep it. I want to finish around page 400. I’m going to sit down for some time today or tomorrow to start an outline, something to keep me focused on the story.

My only real problem writing the novel is that I tend to ramble in my writing. I know that not everything in the first draft will be good. That doesn’t concern me. It’s when I write something I just KNOW I will end up editing out, and then I wonder, “Why bother writing this?” And I feel the urge to just go back and erase it all that I get into trouble. Where do I draw the line?

So I keep pushing forward. Through the tough scenes and the boring mud until I reach a fresh, back on track point. Mentally I make a note that this area will require serious editing.. .when I’m done.


Well, it’s Saturday night. That means it’s Saturday Night Horror Fest. We’ve got Feast and the straight-to-DVD Feast 2: Sloppy Seconds. As well as “The Midnight Meat Train.” There will be reviews tomorrow.

So keep on trucking, readers and writers. There will always be room for a little more horror in your life. Maybe in the next year I’ll be the author on the shelves providing it.

2 responses to “New Features, an Angry Taskmaster and the Novel

  1. Thanks, Fran. I’m working hard, got my fingers crossed the finished product will be worth it. (It will, I tell myself, it will.) 😀



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