Saturday Night Horror Fest

Has it been a couple of weeks since I posted the movie list? Yep, it has. Why? Because I’ve been busy and writing reviews for three movies my way can take a while. So I’m changing things up a bit. Again.

Don’t you just love the way I keep you on your toes?

But you’ll have to wait for me to unveil my latest and bestest evil plan.

For now, here’s what we watched yesterday.



Masters of Horror: Fair Haired Child

Out of them all, I probably enjoyed the episode from Masters of Horror best. Hellraiser is a classic and Critters is just silly–in a good way, at times. But Fair Haired Child certainly went farther than a lot of horror movies I’ve seen lately.

DVD Cover Art

DVD Cover Art

The plot might seem conventional. Anton and Julia, parents to a beautiful “fair-haired” boy, were devastated when he died by drowning–on his fifteenth birthday. To soothe their pain, they make a deal with the Devil, presumably, to sacrifice 12 children to a demon, one at a time, once a year. On Johnny’s birthday.

Their last sacrifice is the first and only girl they offer to the demon playing dress-up in Johnny’s skin. She proves to be tougher than she first appeared.

The demon in the film is pretty cool. Does some wicked herky-jerky moving and has the biggest skull I’ve seen on a demon–this sized, anyway. At the end though, that’s where the movie gets you. My horror buddies and I were pleasantly surprised and satisfied by the conclusion.

If you’ve got an hour free, check this one out.

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