Monday Problems

Generally, I have no problem with Monday. Be it because I don’t work (aside from being a full-time mother of two and wife, writer, maid, trash collector, chef, etc.) or because I choose not to let the bothersome idea of “another week of hell has started…again” get to me, I just don’t have a problem with Mondays.

Except this Monday I do.

But it’s a problem I have regularly once a month and it could be a Monday problem, a Wednesday problem, a just when I’m having a great time and not in the mood for it problem.

Of course, this problem bugs the hell out of me. And turns me into an almost unbearable bitch for a few days. I hate being a bitch. I hate craving ice cream and non-diet soda and chips and every salty snack imaginable, especially when I’ve been doing such a good job of breaking my sugar habit.

That is my lot in life though.

This blog really has no point today. Just that I have a headache totally unrelated to stress. My back and legs are cramping still, although thankfully not as bad as yesterday. I have to go grocery shopping today, usually a chore I don’t mind. Today it’s like having my fingernails ripped from my skin. I really don’t want to go to the store and deal with the crowd, crying babies that aren’t mine hence I can’t smack the whine out of them; the worst part: writing the shopping list. Ugh… then coming home to cook!!

On a good note, I’ve been working on a story that it doing pretty well — in my head. If I could just sit down and type it out, I’d be great. But the headache and just general irritability makes me not want to type up the story. Write a blog? Sure. Play a flash game? That’s just dandy. But write down a story that’s 40% finished already? No.

Is it possible to be so irritable that you’re irritable to yourself? Really? Not just, “Ugh, I hate being in a bad mood.” More like, “Dammit, quit being such an annoying bitch. You’re driving me nuts!”

Probably. But only if you’re female.

And now there’s two evil leprechauns poking me. And shit, it’s St. Patrick’s Day!!! I almost forgot!! Again.. for the third time today.

I have NO green on!! If only one of y’all was nearby to pinch me!! Ha!!

That’s enough rambling. I’m going to either crack open this nice, cool Diet Dr. Pepper next to me or brew a fresh pot of dark, creamy, bittersweet coffee and pray the caffeine works on my headache since the medicine I took less than 2 hours ago hasn’t yet. ERRR! Can’t take more for a while yet. That bites.

Have a great drinking day everyone!

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