Music and the Writer: My Playlist

Music is my religion. – Jimi Hendrix (Purple Haze – Jimi Hendrix – ) I derive much of my motivation to write from music. Many authors do. Stephen King talks of listening to hard -classic- rock (AC/DC, among others) while writing. I imagine plenty of authors, those established and starving, do. I just don’t have … Continue reading

The Writer’s Toolbox – Online Part 2

Hello again, Constant Reader. (Oops. Slipped into some Stephen King verbiage. Let me change that up to….) Hello, kiddies. (Ok. The Crypt Keeper will have to do. Definitely suits me better.) Here we are with The Writer’s Online Toolbox Part 2. Today we’re going to discuss the various websites at your disposal, in particular market … Continue reading

The Places That Scare You

I doubt anyone pays much attention, but just to the right of the page there’s quote that I usually change monthly. But right now it’s on Mark Twain and will stay that way for a while longer. It’s actually kind of relevant to this post. Today I want to talk about the places that scare … Continue reading

Writing Woes (AKA MeTooLazy Syndrome)

I have no self-discipline. Aside from the usual writing complaints (too many adverb-lys, dialogue, plot, characterization, jeez the list is longer than I thought, plot holes, cold coffee) my first and foremost problem is discipline. Since the time I started writing full-time, I could have finished two novels, every short story start I’ve got and … Continue reading


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