Hump Day Horror – Tucker & Dale vs Evil

It’s that time again. Hump Day is here again, bringing a little horror into our lives. Of course, every Wednesday is scary enough since there’s still two more days until Friday. Today we’re watching …   So, this movie is quite hilarious. And so sweet, with a really deep meaning underneath the gore. Don’t judge … Continue reading

Hump Day Horror — Double Shot

This special (belated) Hump Day Horror edition is a double shot of goretastic flavorfulness. Half Indie, Half Mainstream. A mix of your two favorite flavors: bloody and terrifying.   So let’s take this double shot straight to the head! Hump Day Horror Double Shot   Necromentia Directed  and Written by Perry Teo; Co-Written by Stephanie … Continue reading

Hump Day Horror – The Human Centipede

I know it’s been a bit since my last post . . . . . . but that’s Life. The kids are doing fantastic at school. The boy has entered first grade and is impressing his teachers. The girl is finally a Kindergartener, and her teacher has already sworn to never let her advance to … Continue reading

Fickle Readers, Zombieland, and NaNoWriMo

Y’all are horrible, ya know? I put great effort into blogging a lot in September, and my views drop considerably (except for the week I blogged about Megan Fox, but her post was only third highest! Ha!!) … but I don’t blog for yet another month and my views go up and remain a constant … Continue reading

Wednesday Night Horror Review – Jennifer’s Body

I know it’s Saturday, not Wednesday. But seeing as how Wednesday was my birthday, I figured I deserved a couple days of slack after turning 25.  (I will blog about that later, with pictures of my birthday cake. It was very creatively designed by my mom and sister-in-law, Kristen. With a huge quarter and four … Continue reading


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