So I sold my soul to 9gag . . .

Derps and Derpettes, has it been a while! Can’t believe the last time I posted was April. Well, no, actually I can quite easily believe that. Unfortunately it was around that time I discovered 9gag and lost my soul. (I am still trying to reclaim it – 9gag, she is a mean mistress.) Also, school … Continue reading

Counting Down til the End


. . . . of the world . . . .   Well, perhaps not the end of the world. At least, not until December 21, 2012. (By the way, my apologies for that link. It was uncalled for. Try this one instead. It will hopefully be more to your liking.) Unfortunately, while I’m still … Continue reading

With Deepest Regrets, The Internet

I told you I’d be finishing up the Writer’s Online Tool Box Part 2 and throwing it up here for your amusement, and perhaps education, a few days ago. However, I received this notice earlier today: To Shanna Wynne, writer extraordinaire: We must unfortunately inform you that the links you wish to provide on your … Continue reading

Talent is Overrated

With a lovely thanks to a friend (Sue Babcock), may I humbly present to you…. the truth about success. Excerpt from Corporate Curmudgeon, Dale Dauten, dated July 20, 2009 …Geoff Colvin, author of “Talent Is Overrated: What Really Separates World-Class Performers from Everybody Else.” As you’d guess from the “really” in the title, Colvin argues … Continue reading

The Writer’s Tool Box – Online Pt. 1

Today, children, we’re going to learn about the tools to be found online that grant aid and sustenance to the struggling writer.  This will be a multi-series blogging experience. A first for me, and my readers. As a writer, I need access to my current work-in-progress (hereafter addressed as WIP). You never know where you’ll … Continue reading


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