Hump Day Horror – The Possession (2012)

Here we are. Another Hump Day. source: Wikipedia Now, when I watch movies at home, I usually try to keep a pad of paper or a Word doc open and just stream my thoughts as the film progresses. In going over my so called “notes” for this film, I decided my play-by-play stream of consciousness … Continue reading

Hump Day Horror – Mama (2013)

Source:  Wikipedia Tonight I saw Mama. It was the last time it was playing in theater in my tiny little burg, so I had to. Man, am I glad I did. It’s a fantastic film. I jumped a few times. (And even covered my eyes once. *shh* Don’t tell anybody.) The film has an amazing … Continue reading

Hump Day Horror – Movies with Mike

Pictured: Mike’s usual face So I’ve got this pretty amazing kid. I have to start there. He’s really embraced the lifestyle, and spends as much time as I do watching horror movies (nothing too scary) or thinking about crazy weird stuff. And since I’ve been planning to see Prometheus, he has been excited to tag … Continue reading

Hump Day Horror — Double Shot

This special (belated) Hump Day Horror edition is a double shot of goretastic flavorfulness. Half Indie, Half Mainstream. A mix of your two favorite flavors: bloody and terrifying.   So let’s take this double shot straight to the head! Hump Day Horror Double Shot   Necromentia Directed  and Written by Perry Teo; Co-Written by Stephanie … Continue reading

Hump Day Horror – The Human Centipede

I know it’s been a bit since my last post . . . . . . but that’s Life. The kids are doing fantastic at school. The boy has entered first grade and is impressing his teachers. The girl is finally a Kindergartener, and her teacher has already sworn to never let her advance to … Continue reading


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